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The ACT is gaining popularity not only as an alternative to the SAT but also as an add-on to the SAT. Students who have started working on getting their profiles ready enough to make competitive applications to undergraduate programs. Upcoming ACT Batches Dubai

Upcoming ACT Batches Dubai

Latest ACT Scores

  • Dinesh Jain * 35
  • Munira Rajkotwalla * 34
  • Amaal Razdan * 34
  • Vibhuti Arora * 34
  • Farzanah * 33
  • Dana * 33
  • Bhavya Srivastava * 30
  • Adnan Khan * 32
  • Ayushman * 31
  • Baseem * 29


The ACT, an assessment test that measures the college-readiness of high-school students, is not an easy test to negotiate! The fact that the test does not incorporate negative marking often fools students into believing that it is an ‘easier’ hurdle to cross. That could be a miscalculation. Since American Universities rely considerably on the ACT score to estimate an applicant’s potential for college level courses, it is worth the while to give the test its due prep time, or better said - it’s due quality prep time. Reach out to us – Option Training Institute Dubai, UAE - and discover the talent in yourself! With our very experienced and enigmatic trainers and our out-of-the-box coaching plan, the ACT will be a cakewalk!

Generally do not rest content with just an ACT or a SAT score; those who do not plan so well on time and are hence short of time, select either the SAT or the ACT. Students with exposure to ‘science’ will definitely fair better at the ACT than those without this exposure.

Overview of the ACT test structure

The ACT has 5 sections and are administered in the following order: English, math, reading, science, and writing. The duration of exam is 3 hours and 35 minutes and each section is timed separately. Candidates for the test are provided 2 short breaks during the time of the examination (one between the reading and math tests and one before the writing assessment).

There are two versions of the test which are available for you-PBT-Paper based Test (Restricted to USA and some test centers) and Computer based Test (widely available from September 2018 onwards).

ACT English

The test-takers are required to answer 75 multiple-choice questions, which has to be answered in 45 minutes in the English section. There are about 5 reading passages of different types and based on each, you would have to answer 15 questions. The conventions of English language and written English with a deeper understanding is tested here. Apart from the section score which ranges from 1-36, the candidates receive a sub scores in various areas namely knowledge of language, punctuations, usage, Standard English grammar and production of writing as well.

ACT Math

This section of the ACT evaluates your mathematical abilities developed through the beginning of grade 12. In the ACT math section, you have to complete 60 multiple-choice questions in 60 minutes. There are 3 categories in which the assessment can be classified: Preparing for Advanced Math (35 questions), Integrating indispensable skills (25 questions), and Modeling (22 questions). The Modeling questions has strong connection with and are drawn from the other two classes. The Advanced Math category is subdivided into Number properties (5 questions), Working with algebraic expressions (8 questions), Functions (8 questions), Geometry (8 questions), and Probability and statistics (6 questions). Students will therefore receive 8 reporting category scores for the math section (plus the total section score of 1-36).

ACT Reading

The ability of the student to comprehend written texts is being tested in this part of the test where the student has 40 multiple choice questions to prove their skills in 35 minutes. The ACT reading assessment section is divided into four, each based either on one long passage or two shorter extracts, which are equivalent to the level of a first-year class at the university.

According to ACT, there is a rating given to the test takers as proficient, below proficient or above proficient which is based on a "subset of items in the reading test assessing the ability to identify the central meaning and purposes for a range of increasingly complex texts."

Passages are taken from authentic texts which covers broad areas like humanities, natural sciences, or social studies. Furthermore, there is another rating apart from the total section score and category scores. Here, test-takers are graded below proficient, proficient, or above proficient in a broad class called "Understanding Complex Texts."

ACT Science

In the science section of the ACT, Students are expected to answer questions on reading passages and interpret data (graphs, tables, and charts). This section is also a 40-question, 35-minute assessment wherein all questions are multiple choice. Abilities assessed comprise of exploration, interpretation, and reasoning. Reporting classes are as follows: Data Interpretation (16 questions), Investigation of scientific content (10 questions), and Assessing various models, Conclusions, and Investigational Consequences (14 questions). ACT science questions incorporate the methodical disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science, and are aimed at preparing the aspirants for preliminary science courses at the college level. Candidates for the test are expected to have undertaken 3 years of secondary-level science classes.

ACT Writing

The writing section on the ACT is optional and scored separately. It consists of one essay, for which students are provided 40 minutes. They are offered an essay prompt that includes three different viewpoints on a present-day topic. Students are asked to create an essay that reflects their own visions on that subject, which must be interrelated to any one of the given perspectives. Your essay will be graded by 2 ACT evaluators on a scale of 1 to 6 in four spheres: Concepts and Analysis, Development and Support, Structure, and Use of convention and language each of which will be given have a score between two and twelve. Learners will also obtain an over-all writing score that is the average of each of the sections mentioned above.

The essay-writing portion of the test is optional but most of our students prefer to write the essay in a bid to make a more comprehensive statement of their academic skills.

ABOUT THE ACT Prep Course Dubai

At option training institute, Knowledge village, Dubai UAE, the ACT preparation is redesigned to test students in all areas - English, Mathematics, Reading, and Scientific Reasoning. The students get personalized practice sessions for the paper based and the computer based test. Our faculty will help you boost your confidence to approach the examination and will provide you with sessions which focus a lot on your time management skills as well. Take the right step with Option! Let’s get started.

Option Institute Dubai, UAE offers amazingly flexible training platforms for ACT Prep

The student can select from the following options:

1. One-to -one training:

  • Allows the trainer to set a pace that the student can cope with.
  • Lets the student set class schedules that suit him.
  • Follows a systematic training schedule that includes weekly tests.
  • Involves regular appraisals.
  • Guarantees enhancement of subject skills.

Course plan:

  • The course is planned over 8 to 10 2-hour sessions.
  • The ideal pace is 2 sessions per week so that the course can be completed in 5-6 weeks.
  • The course is followed by 2 weeks of mock tests.

2. Group training:(Refer to UPCOMING BATCHES for batch schedules)

  • Small class size.
  • Planned schedules that incorporate theory, practice and testing.
  • Regular appraisals.
  • Interface with parents.
  • Mock tests.
  • Problem-solving sessions.
  • Score/subject skill enhancement guaranteed.

Course plan:

  • The course is planned over 8 to 10 2-hour sessions.
  • 2 sessions per week so that the course is completed in 5-6 weeks.
  • The course is followed by 2 weeks of mock tests.