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Academic writing task 1 requires the candidate to describe or write a report based on a graphical representation of data relating to trends in any field. This task tests

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Deconstructing the Assumption Task

Probably the single most difficult question type of the GMAT critical reasoning and /or reading comprehension questions is the Assumption. And that is strange considering that ‘assuming’ is quite

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Do well in TOEFL Speaking

There are several skills to help you get a good score in speaking. The right use of grammar, pronunciation, intonation, fluency, use of good vocabulary and note-taking are all

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In order to solve system of equations involving two variables one knows from high school that two equations are required. This rule is not quite correct. The correct rule

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Important IELTS Reading Guidelines

Time, practice and perseverance are the keys factors that will determine your score in the test. There are many approaches to scoring well in the reading test. Students must

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New SAT vs. Current SAT

The new SAT starting in March 2016 can be taken by students who are applying for college in fall 2016 and after. The new SAT is more aligned with

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