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The SUBJECT SAT scores no doubt add muscle to a student’s profile. All schools do not require these scores and nor do all courses. All the same, it has become quite common for students to take 2 or 3 SUBJECT SAT tests either to compensate for their SAT scores or to augment them. The most common SAT SUBJECTS are Physics, Chemistry, Math Level I and Biology, with American Literature quickly gaining ground.

Latest SAT Scores

  • Sanchit Kapoor * 2400/2400
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  • Raj Kamlesh Jain * 2180
  • Rohan Goel * 2130
  • Jai Bhalla * 2020
  • Subhaga Laxman * 2000
  • Stevin Joseph Sebastian * 1970
  • Maewan Masri * 1970
  • Anush Chaturvedi * 1670
  • Salaman Abdullah * 2020
  • Madina * 1940
  • Caroline * 1750
  • Ankit * 2310
  • Praneet Daga * 2280
  • Kamal Malik * 2030
  • Bing Bing * 1990
  • Akshatha * 1970


SAT subject tests are intended to assess what you know about distinct subjects. The core purpose of tests is to precisely test the students on individual subjects such as Math, Social-Science, Physical Sciences and Foreign Languages. Each test is for an hour and comprises of multiple-choice questions. Each test is scored on 200-800 scale, and a score of 600 above is considered superior.

We offer training for the following subjects –

  • Math Level 1 and 2
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

With the pressure to perform and acquire grades that make applying to colleges easy, students need the right platform to facilitate their efforts. Option Training Institute is trusted by hundreds of students each year and our bespoke service has been developed to ensure each course is conducted with the utmost discretion and focus on the unique requirements of the individual and the SAT Subject tests.

The student can select from the following course options:

One-to -one training:

  • Allows the trainer to set a pace that the student can cope with.
  • Lets the student set class schedules that suit him.
  • Follows a systematic training schedule that includes weekly tests.
  • Involves regular appraisals.
  • Guarantees enhancement of subject skills.

Course plan for one-on-one:

  • The course is planned over 8 to 10 2-hour sessions.
  • The ideal pace is 2 sessions per week so that the course can be completed in 5-6 weeks.
  • The course is followed by 2 weeks of mock tests.

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